I am a local burlesque performer with Burlesque Noir. I’m a total dork that enjoys marathoning TV series like Arrested Development and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’ve been known to say ‘fuck’ a lot.


General Blackery has over 14 shows, performed over 30 pieces, and several solos spanning 4 years of performing at the Launchpad and Historical Kimo Theater with Burlesque Noir under her fishnets and thong.(Har har, didja like that bit of dorkienss? No? Well fuck you then!)

She was even on a flyer! With a chocolate dick! Wow!


General Blackery’s mom got tired of having a hyper-active  three year old brat to keep entertained so she was sent off to dance and theater class. She studied the classics of ballet, tap, jazz,  gymnastics and several children’s theater productions up until 13 when General Blackery decided she wanted to pursue the life of a couch potato.  As she got older she found a love for bellydance and took one class around 2002. Moving to Abq in 2004, she joined Burlesque Noir and also supplemented that with bellydancing. During those years a love of Bollywood/Bhangra grew and she studied those moves as well. General Blackery continues to have a love affair with those styles but has become entranced with the flow and awesomeness that is hoopdance!


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