Welcome Back. It’s the Post Burlesque Hall of Fame Post


I finally have my wits about me to give you a quick run down of my first experience at the Burlesque Hall of Fame that happened last weekend in Las Vegas.

  • This was a mighty exhausting but mind blowing experience.
  • The acts that were great were phenomenal.
  • The acts that were bad were down right terrible.
  • Seeing Lou Lou D’vil’s award winning act and seeing her be crowned the 2013 reigning queen of burlesque was absolutely stunning/amazing/fantastic/surreal
  • Seeing Ray Gunn perform and take the crown as king of burlesque moved me
  • Seeing Roxi D’Lite perform her cyr wheel act just about blew my mind and I can’t function properly because of it. IT’S ALL I THINK ABOUT!!!
  • Sharing the stage with my best friend in a touching and fucking bad ass tribute number to Sparkly Devil, along with Tigger! and Jo Boobs was also a surreal/fantastic/mind blowing experience. THANK YOU THANK YOU!
  • Walking past Dita Von Teese and Catherine D’Lish backstage was just…I can’t form words to describe that surreal/awkward moment

It really feels surreal and I have moments of ” did that really just happen?”

I’m exhausted. My mind and my bank account are wiped but it was worth it. I learned so much. I saw so many people I look up to and got to hang out and party with amazing people that I am happy to call friends. Till next year!



Quick post.


I survived the Show Me Burlesque and Vaudeville Festival in St, Louis. Them fuckers can throw down and know how to put on a show.

Right now I am furiously packing to jet off to Las Vegas for my first ever Burlesque Hall of Fame. I’m super stocked and I’m going with the best friends/guides/muses a showgirl could ask for,¬† Kitty Irreverent and Holly Rebelle.

The best way to get a glimpse is to follow my twitters, Facebook and Instagram posts.

Oh look here they are!

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/generalblackery

Facebook: http://wwww.facebook.com/generalblackery

Instagram: http://wwww.instagram.com/generalblackery

Lots of shady shit from Show Me was posted on instagram and facebook, so you know, get on that.

Here’s some hashtags too: #bhof13 #burlesquehall¬† #dirtyrottenshowgirls #shadyshit #whatwouldnomimalonedo #bestworstbehavior

I’m sure there will be others.

Stayed tuned for upcoming events in June. More classes.More shows. More cars. More hoes.