Yo. What is happening, everybody? Um, how are You doing? No really, how are you? This year was a doozy. I thought 2015 was the worst of it. But damn, the world just went to shit.

My personal life is not shit thank goodness, but locally, globally, there are some issues going on. I mean, how could I not crop up and talk about 2016. So many great status quo breaking musicians, celebrities/media and political figures bit the dust. I won’t do a list. There’s already many lists. If you don’t know, then Google is your friend.

Anyway, NO I am not back on Facebook. I tried logging in to my Instagram because I couldn’t remember the password because I literally have 1 billion passwords to remember. So I tried logging in through Facebook and I guess when you do that it reactivates it and people know I exist. Crap.

I realized after having one for so long and oversharing, I no longer miss it. I blurted out as I was closing the blinds that I don’t like people knowing what I’m doing and Facebook was this giant open window. Which is great if you are an outspoken performer who likes to entertain and use social media as a way to piss people off because everyone gets so butthurt easily. But since not being on there I really do feel like I have a better connection with people. Interesting.

So yeah, I no longer do burlesque anymore. I am 100% done with that shit. That is not to say that my love for performing in general has gone away. I realized as I was taking my dance class, that I will always have an opportunity to perform in some way or another.  I just won’t be pissing glitter or teabagging the public. Which is very sad.  But the scene does not weep for me nor do they miss me. So god bless and goodbye!

I’m really sad/mad/hurt/over it. But you move on. I got a great guy. I got my own bathroom to take a shit in. I’m kicking ass at school. Like, 3 A’s and a B in astronomy and that shit was hard because I did it online. SO suck it. I know how stars form.

2015 and 2016 was some shit. Onward and upward.



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