Like watching sausage getting made

     Before I start with the main subject of this post, I would just take a moment to talk about some people. I have spent a long time, too much time, talking about people I do not want to be around. I got to stop doing that because I am #blessed to be spending a lot of my time with people I want to be around. I have great roommates and friends that I hang with most times on the daily and I am doing well, thanks.

      • So you know the idiom about if you like sausages, don’t watch them get made? The idea being that if something is like watching sausage get made something unpleasant will be revealed. Well my friends, I have seen the sausage get made and worked in that factory and it is just as unpleasant and filled with animals guts as you think. I can be super candid and revealing but I will just leave it at that.
      • If we are not friends outside of Facebook, you do not message or comment on my page, why do we need to be friends on Facebook? Why does it matter if I am your friend or not? I do not have to like you, look at you, talk to you or be any sort of some type of way to you. Get over yourselves if you can’t handle being unfriended on Facebook. It’s unbecoming and unprofessional.
      • If you can’t talk to me in person, but have to go through someone else when talking about me, what makes you think I want to talk/deal with you in the first place?
      • I just have resting bitch face. And I hate everyone. *Shurgs*
      • Yes, there is a problem/rift in burlesque. Deal with it. It’s stupid here in Albuquerque. It’s stupid because cliques are stupid and that’s all this is ; a clique.
      • Yes, I have been very negative about burlesque. Those are my personal feelings. I am going to express them. If you still enjoy performing and the burlesque life, and your Glitter Tribe, good for you. Enjoy them and have a lot of fun.  As for me, I feel the exact opposite.
      • Part of me feels like I just drank the Kool-Aid in Jim Jones’ cult and now instead of reaching the Promised Land, I’m just a nameless, faceless cult victim who got caught up in the possibility of enlightenment.
      • I did not benefit from BHoF. I do not see it the way I used to, which was a step in the right direction or a boost up. No, BHoF is a good way to spend a lot of money and play the game of “lets dodge the sexual predator.”
      • I mean raise your hands if you’ve every been assulted at a show. It’s a real fucking treat. Just be sure to spit in their face and end with your tits out. 😉
      • But BLACKERY why are you still performing if you don’t like the scene? Well, where else can I perform? I’m a performer. I’m good at it. It’s what I do best. What else can I do? No matter the club, bar, stage, format, it will always be this. I’ve done recitals for dance, community theather. It’s all the same. 
      • But BLACKERY why don’t you do your own show or form your own burlesque troupe? Fuck no! The last thing this place needs is another burlesque troupe or performer collective because that’s gonna make it better. *eye roll* I don’t know what would help. Oh wait, yes I do! $18 million bucks and my own theater would help.
      • If there is no friendship in show business, then I do not see the reason why I have to be “friends” with everyone.
      • If you want to see me perform, you can pay me to be at your show. You have to pay me more than $20-35-$50. I am worth so much more than that. A lot of performers are worth more than that. If you want great entertainers at your show, you will pay them as such. If you want consistently great audiences, and filled seats, you will pay your performers what they are worth.
    • To those that are afraid of me and think I’m a mean bitch, BOO!
    • To those that don’t give a shit,  BYE!
    • To those that are upset, weep not little one. There is more to be miserable about in the world.

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2 thoughts on “Like watching sausage getting made

  1. If by no one else, i actually do in fact miss seeing you at shows and occasionally kicking it totblaze. Shit can get fkn ugly in this town fast, and ppl heir will keep hold on a grudge until every one of their goddamn fingers are broken, but i’m way past all the scene bullshit in this town. Point being, i always loved your style as a performer, how effortlessly you could flip the switch to supertwistednasty and casually make even the most cutesy cliches offensive as hell. Your fearlessness on stage massively influenced and inspired me when i started out You made me really wanna push the limits of audience and producers alike.

    i hope all has continued to flow to a chill and most excellent vibe as when you posted this. Better even.

    i stumbled here while searching for media of past performances around the internet. idk i guess reading this got me a little sentimental or some shit so i just wanna say i’m done w the sordid past and silly art-destroying drama. Also, thank you for the inspiration. It would’ve taken way longer to realize i needed to let that twisted bitch in me get out to play on stage and embrace the hot mess.
    Mad properties for doing what you gotta for ycurself and working that frontal cortex like a boss. Fkn get that shit.

    So yeah, whatever, fuck the past. i’m down to kick it if you ever feel like getting re-aquainted, i don’t really gaf in any case, but i’m around if it so happens that actually knowing me feels like something that could be not completely unworthy of your time, haha. Regardless, i hope you keep killing it out there. Catch you later maybe. Otherwise, all the best and thx for contributing some coolness to my time in this wretched pit of art death that this town is becoming. Cheers.

    • Aww thanks dude. Feedback like that lets me know I didn’t waste my time.
      Wretched pit of art death has to be one of the most accurate statements about Abq that I have heard. Bwhahahaha. Hope things are well with you.

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